Reflecting on our investment in Oatly as it goes public

At Felix, we’ve been Oatly customers longer than we’ve been investors. Each Monday morning, our Felix refrigerator is freshly stocked with a carton of Organic and one Barista Edition (for the baristas among us!). As investors in consumer brands and platforms, there is no truer testament to product and brand strength than when the customer love exists within our own team.

Source: Oatly F-1

In 2017 we had our first glimpse behind the scenes at Oatly, witnessing Toni Petersson on stage at an investor event hosted by our friends and Oatly’s early backers, Verlinvest. One of our core missions at Felix is to…

Felix Capital donates a portion of its carried interest to charity: water

Photo credit: charity: water

What does water mean to you?

What does water mean to you? To many of us who have water at the twist of a tap, we might never have thought of an answer to this question. We are able to drink, farm, trade, live, and create — every day, in a safe, peaceful and nourishing environment. Within the Felix family, we are very sensitive to the fact that water enables people to build communities. It’s a source of empowerment.

Felix capital leads Series A round to accelerate everdrop’s mission to become the global sustainable consumer goods company

everdrop products — laundry detergent, cleaning sprays, and dishwashing tablets (left to right)

At Felix, we are obsessed with founders and teams that pioneer cultural shifts at a global scale and are building strong brands that move the world forward. Over the past years, one of these cultural shifts is increasing awareness of sustainability — as the climate crisis and plastic pollution become ever more urgent issues — and growing interest in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are strong believers in the urgency to tackle this global crisis and eager practitioners ourselves. Over the…

Felix Capital leads $7m Series A to support the explosive growth of the crafting digital platform, powering its users’ creativity across over 180 countries

At Felix, we have defined ourselves, since day one, as a venture firm for the Creative Class. We believe in the transformative power of the intersection between creativity and technology, and the Creative Class are the thought leaders driving global shifts in behaviours and lifestyles. …

Felix leads €15m Series A round in fast-growing mobile insurance brand, LeoCare

Transforming insurance, a hundreds-year old industry

At Felix, our core thesis is that digital technologies are shaping consumer lifestyles, giving rise to a new generation of loved and trusted brands and platforms that offer a better customer experience (and the enabling software that helps companies do this). While these changes are deeply evident in the way we now discover and buy products (see Farfetch, Goop, Mejuri, HighSnobiety, etc.), eat (see Deliveroo, HungryPanda, Frichti etc.), travel and get around (see Heetch, Dott, VanMoof etc.), and improve wellness & fitness (see Peloton, Urban, Unmind etc.) …

Since the foundation of Felix, our core investment mission has been to understand how technology is shaping and reshaping our behaviors and transforming the face of retail. Over the last decade alone, various new technologies — from the large platforms which have now become household names, to smaller brands and tools that enhance the eCommerce ecosystem — have upended and defined the modern commerce journey.

Perhaps no company has defined modern commerce more than Amazon, now the largest eCommerce business in the world, with over $335bn of GMV delivered on the platform last year alone and powering about half of…

Angela Chou and Joseph (JP) Pizzolato bring us complementary expertise in product and B2B SaaS, and continue to expand the diversity of our team, increasing the number of nationalities in the team to 8

As we’re growing Felix, we have more capital to invest (we recently announced our new $300m fundraising) and a wider family, supporting 36 portfolio companies to date. …

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

Mirakl just announced a new $300m growth round, hitting an impressive valuation milestone of $1.5bn and a GMV run-rate above $2.4bn

The new $300m round throws the company into the Unicorn league, with the largest VC round for a French startup ever. It will enable the company to double down on its investment in technology, with a view to continue growing at the current 100%+ pace and build a very large business, powering marketplaces globally for its B2C and B2B customers. This new round comes only 18 months after a $70m C round raised following Mirakl’s expansion to the US…

5 years ago, we started Felix with a clear manifesto in mind — and one of the core tenets of it is “our mission to support entrepreneurs with big ideas, to help them build strong brands that stand out, that move the world forward”. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our investment in VanMoof — a company that is literally looking to move the next billion forward — on world-class e-bikes!

A cultural shift happening at supersonic speed

At Felix, we spend a lot of our time observing and experiencing changes in consumer behaviors and cultural shift — one of the largest shifts we’ve been excited to see…

We look at every opportunity through a simple lens: we are obsessed by founders building new digital-enabled branded propositions, pioneering cultural shifts and shifts in consumer behaviors on a global scale. We love creative founding teams able to find new authentic ways to build and foster their communities. We’re passionate about exploring shifts in the way we eat (Deliveroo, HungryPanda, LaRuche, Allplants, Frichti), the way we take care of ourselves (Peloton, Goop, Unmind, Manual), the way we consume (Farfetch, Mejuri, Papier), the way we commute (TravelPerk, Dott, Heetch)… all the way to how we make our home, Home.

With that…

Felix Capital

A Venture Capital investor for the Creative Class

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