Felix Capital co-leads $21.5m Series A with DST to support Juni’s European expansion plans.

Many of us at Felix have spent time as entrepreneurs or operators, giving us the privileged position of having experienced first-hand the challenges business owners face. Often at the top of that list, financial operations and the associated functions, can be a real pain point for small-to-mid enterprises (“SMEs”).


Felix is hiring a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

We are a venture firm for the Creative Class, operating at the intersection of technology and creativity, with a vision to empower digital lifestyles. …

Felix capital leads Series A round to accelerate everdrop’s mission to become the global sustainable consumer goods company

At Felix, we are obsessed with founders and teams that pioneer cultural shifts at a global scale and are building strong brands that move the world forward. Over the past years, one…

Felix Capital

A Venture Capital investor for the Creative Class

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